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AI-driven 3D design platform for maximizing patient outcomes

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Smartweave is pioneering a radical redesign of the mesh sling used to surgically treat stress urinary incontinence.  Our groundbreaking research draws on biomechanical enhancements, precision engineering and materials science


UI Stigma

Deep-seated cultural stigmas and barriers have long stifled innovation across a range of women’s health issues.  Urinary incontinence (“UI”) is among the largest of these under-served categories.  While UI affects almost a third of all women worldwide, two-thirds of the cases remain undiagnosed.  Currently, there are no pharmacologic agents to treat UI, leaving risky, frequently problematic surgical interventions and device implantations.  Smartweave is on a mission to transform female UI.

 More than 25% of post-menopausal women suffer from UI.

Sling implants are among the most common procedures. But  15-25% surgeries fail due to poor fit in bladder

Our Solution 


3D Printed Implant Flexibility

Personalized implants for Urology care

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Clinically Trained AI Platform

System utilizing AI and 3D visualization and bioprinting for surgical implants


Patent Protected Technology

Patents have been filed to protect its innovations in mesh design and 3D printing

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Cloud Accessible Services- Dassault Systèmes

To develop rapid prototypes and datasets

If we redesign surgical implants, can we improve the outcomes  of surgical procedures?

We are transforming surgical implants and tools through an AI-driven 3D design platform aimed at maximizing patient outcomes.  Our initial focus is to serve the significant unmet need for innovation in devices that treat stress urinary incontinence, starting with surgical mesh implants.

Our breakthrough is to integrate virtual human twins in the design of biomaterial and biomechanical innovations that can be optimized through AI for particular patients.  Implants and tools designed through Kasim would not only prevent complications common to surgical interventions, including scarring, bleeding and tissue damage, they would also be tightly coupled with training simulations that can accelerate onboarding physicians to new surgical protocols. We expect our innovations will change the trajectory of how surgical implants deliver value for patients in sub-specialities ranging from urinary, cardiac, orthopedic and even neural implants.

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SmartWeave is using the urology expertise and innovation commercialization know-how of its co-founders – along with its extended Clinical Innovation Team (100+ years research/clinical experience) -- to realize medical devices that improve the outcomes of urological mesh implants and related surgical procedures.  The initial product that SmartWeave is developing is focused on preventing scarring, bleeding, and tissue damage that often result from UI surgical interventions. Following this evolution, we expect our innovations will change the trajectory of how we treat and manage surgical mesh implants in categories ranging from hernia repair to orthopedic and even neural implants. 

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