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Smartweave Joins Puerto Rico's Forward Center: Pioneering Biotech Innovation

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO (April 3, 2024)Smartweave, a leading biotech innovation company, announces its presence as one of the inaugural tenants at Puerto Rico's Forward Center, a groundbreaking 30,000-square-foot facility dedicated to advancing scientific and technological progress. 

Smartweave is revolutionizing human tissue repair with personalized, regenerative bio-scaffolds developed through advanced computational processes. By combining innovative bio-coatings with 3D-printed personalized bio-scaffolds, Smartweave enhances the efficacy of regenerative agents, reduces infections, and accelerates tissue restoration.

Driven by a commitment to innovation, Smartweave merges cutting-edge technology with expertise in female pelvic medicine, regenerative medicine, and orthopedic specialties. This approach redefines surgical procedures, prioritizing safety, efficiency, and patient well-being. "At Smartweave, we're dedicated to pioneering the next frontier in precision medicine and personalized healthcare," said Raj Malhotra, CEO and founder of Smartweave.

Smartweave's medical device design platform utilizes AI and visual technology to create personalized, bio-compatible implants for soft tissue repair and regeneration. Through AI-driven 3D bioprinting, Smartweave incorporates virtual human twins into biomaterial and biomechanical innovations, leading the way in precision medicine.

"The establishment of Smartweave labs at the Forward Center represents a significant milestone in our journey towards advancing medical device innovation," Malhotra continued. "Through our integration into Puerto Rico's Medical Device, Healthcare, Science, and Academic clusters, we aim to generate intellectual property and drive global impact with our innovative solutions."

As Smartweave continues to evolve, the company anticipates creating new jobs and fostering local talent, service providers, and stakeholders in the field of advanced medical device innovation. By immersing the island's community in leading-edge medical ideas and solutions, Smartweave seeks to catalyze curiosity and creativity while significantly increasing the generation of local-based intellectual property.

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