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Join us on our journey and stay abreast of new developments at Smartweave, as they happen.  As a femtech company with roots in addressing how female patients have been underserved for far too long, back in 2015 we jumped into the void of urinary incontinence treatment options with the aim of innovating better solutions and surgical options for patients.  Let’s unite along this arduous path to out-innovating Big Pharma and Big Med., and cheer the Smartweave Team on as they leverage the cutting edge tech of the day (AI, 3D bio printing, biomedical design, etc.) to bring patients better, smarter surgical implants.


Due to overwhelming demand from our community of supporters we will be kicking off a quarterly newsletter in 2023.  In addition to general news and developments we’ll have interviews, podcasts, announcements on new collaborations/partners and even video reveals of the exciting progress we’re making in our R&D labs.   Drop us your email below so you can stay abreast of all the exciting buildouts, progress and growth soon to come.

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