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Personalized Urinary Continence Implants

Personalized solutions can achieve better patient outcomes!

Virtual twin provides  anatomic details to AI system

Optimized sling 3D printed, Custom fit surgical implantation


Why us

Smartweave will drive higher success rates among surgical implants 

Smartweave improves the biocompatibility of surgical tools and devices

Smartweave improves tool and device design using 3D Technologies

Our breakthrough is to integrate virtual human twins in the design of biomaterial and biomechanical innovations that can be optimized through AI for particular patients.  Implants and tools designed through Kasim would not only prevent complications common to surgical interventions, including scarring, bleeding and tissue damage, they would also be tightly coupled with training simulations that can accelerate onboarding physicians to new surgical protocols. We expect our innovations will change the trajectory of how surgical implants deliver value for patients in sub-specialities ranging from urinary, cardiac, orthopedic and even neural implants. 

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